600-16 European Classic 75mm-3″ white wall 65P

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The European Classic 6.00-16″ tyre with 75-mm whitewall (build in – no painting or revulcanisation ) is produced in Europe and designed to offer classic whitewall styling with the classic pattern from the old days. An ideal choice for classic antique cars. The tyre has a modern tubeless construction to avoid flat spots but it is also designed to be used with tubes. The tyre is the only E-marked tyre in this size, and it is 100% road-legal for use in Europe and DOT-marked for the US market.

To avoid the classic familiar staining problem, the tyres are produced in 100% stainless black rubber, which minimises browning/yellowing of the white rubber.

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E-marked Yes
DOT marked Yes
Ply 4 ply nylon
Tread width 4.7″ 11,8 cm
Section width 6.3″ 15,8 cm
Inflated diameter 28.5″ 71,3 cm
White wall 3″ 75 mm
Speed index 93 mph P – 150 km/h
Load index 1521lbs@32PSI 95 – 690 kg
Weight 26 pound 12 kg
Rim size 4½”-4½”
Type Tube type


European Classic Firestone B.F. Goodrich Goodyear Gereral
E-marked No No No No
Text in White wall Only Black wall
Ply rating 4 4 4 4 2
Non Staining
(no risk for Brown White wall)
No No No No
Tubeless contruction Yes No No No No
Flat spots when storring the Car for winter – with correct air pressure No Maybe Maybe Maybe Yes