175/65R14 data side

175/65R14" Black and White wall

The new European Classic 175/65R15 tyre with 20-mm whitewall is produced in Europe and designed to offer classic whitewall styling to many different car brands. The tyre has a modern construction and tread pattern to ensure low noise and high comfort, and it is E-marked for road-legal use in Europe and DOT-marked for the US market.

The tyre is tubeless, but can also be used with special radial tubes and fits 5–6½ rims.

DOT marked
Tred width4,8"12 cm
Section width7,0"17,5 cm
Inflated diameter24"60 cm
White wall3/4" 20 mm
Speed index190 km/hT
Load index475 kg82
Rim width4½"- 6"
Weight- kg