Radial dæk oversigt

Radial tyres

The radial European Classic tyres with white wall is produced in Europe and designed to offer classic white wall styling to many different car brands. The tyre have modern tyre construction and tread pattern to ensure low noise and high comfort and are all E-marked for road legal use in Europe and DOT marked for the American marked.

We supply the radial tyres in following dimensions:

125R12" (125/80R12") Black and White wall
165R13" (165/80R13") Black and White wall
185/70R13" Black and White wall
175/65R14" White wall
195/75R14" White wall
155R15" (155/80R15") Black and White wall
165R15" (165/80R15") White wall
185/65R15" White wall
195/65R15" White wall
205/70R15" White wall
235/75R15" White wall