4.50-17" Black and White wall

The new European Classic 4.50-17" tyre with 75-mm whitewall is produced in Europe and designed to offer classic whitewall styling with the classic pattern from the old days. An ideal choice for classic antique cars. The tyre has a modern tubeless construction to avoid flat spots but it is also designed to be used with tubes. The tyre is the only E-marked tyre in this size, and it is 100% road-legal for use in Europe and DOT-marked for the US market.

To avoid the classic familiar staining problem, the tyres are produced in 100% stainless black rubber, which minimises browning/yellowing of the white rubber.

The 4.50-17 is also awaible in a radial version

DOT marked
Ply4 ply nylon
Tread width3.,8"9,5 cm
Section width4.5"11,3 cm
Inflated diameter26.0"65 cm
Speed index62 mphJ - 100 kmh
Load index1074@32PSI83 - 487 kg
Weight17 pound8 kg
Rim size3"- 3 1/4"
TypeTube type


European ClassicExcelsior
Text in White wallNo white wall version
Ply rating44
Non Staining
(no risk for Brown White wall)
Tubeless contructionYesNo
Flat spots when storring the Car for winter - with correct air pressureNoMaybe